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the blonde creative LOVES knoxville.


yes, we had the time of our lives down in tennessee this past weekend. a photo road trip, some tennessee football, a shotgun wedding, boomsday craziness and excursions in the old city showed us how much there was to love in knoxville!


featured: jessi ringer of 5ringsphoto!


one of our favorite blondes was featured on – an awesome web resource for mom’s in knoxville! as a mother of three and full-time photographer jessi ringer inspires and amazes us at the blonde creative every day, so we are *thrilled* to see her get recognition in her community – woohoo!

congrats jessi! check out the interview with her online HERE!

flare competition :: vote blonde!

newborn baby flare by jessi ringer.


like this image? we sure do! and we’d LOVE to see it win in week 6 of the flare competition so go vote for it!

click here to vote in the week 6 poll for NEWBORN BABY FLARE! the poll is on the right hand side, under week 7!



honfest 2009.

the blonde creative is headed to honfest!


we are so excited to announce the public launch of the blonde creative at honfest 2009

honfest is an amazing festival that takes place on the streets of hampden – one of the most fabulous neighborhoods in baltimore! hampden is home to tons of inspiring artists + characters, and lots of just plain good people. the annual honfest is much more than a local tradition – it is truly an international craze! the classic baltimore (bawl-mer) term of endearment, hon (short for honey), is at the root of this exuberant celebration that honors the honest, hard-working, fun-loving women of baltimore. yeah hons!

last year blonde photo was the official photographer for honfest – resulting in two full days of awesome hontastic images! in addition to capturing the action on the street, the countless musicians that performed on both stages, and the main stage events – little miss hon contest, the crowing of the 2008 hon, and even a hon wedding – blonde photo set up an impromtu photo booth to capture everyday hons!

this year the blonde creative plans to bring even more energy + excitement to the festival with an amazing booth featuring blonde photo, quinnep doodles, 5ringsphoto and mary kate mckenna photography! in addition to all sorts of surprises + fun, there will be raffles + giveaways, and a super-fun photo booth to capture the hon in everyone! in fact, there may even be a lifesize hon doodle in the works from quinnep doodles…how awesome would that be?!

more info to come soon – click here for more details – and we hope to see you there!

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